can we just talk about this for a sec

europeanbeauties92 inquired: Wow, you Ladies and gents must really love white people. I mean, dedicating a whole page to our race? That's such an honor. Thank you. XOXO




did you give yourself a pat on the back for this one?

You gave yourself a high five for sending this didn’t you. OMG so clever

This is your blog

that shit says “A safe place for Europeans/ American-Europeans/ Canadian-Europeans/ Australlian-Europeans/ ECT…to find joy and beauty in their race.”

White people need a safe space now?

Pale faces need a safe space? Was the entire globe not safe enough for you so you decided to make a blog with the same white people we all open magazines and see

with the same mayo wonder bread sandwiches we see on tv, in movies, on billboards, defining beauty everywhere we go, 

But that wasn’t assuring enough for you so you made a blog because white people already don’t have enough

Tell me why your blog look like i google searched crackers?

Why your blog look like i google searched white bread?

You better shut your dumb ass the fuck up because I’m the last one for you to try to get smart on, okay?



took a glance at europeanbeauties92 archive…….image






phrases like “i’ll be the distraction you go on ahead without me” generally do not have a tendency to end well

"i’ll catch up with you" no. no you probably won’t

"we’ll talk about this later" there is no later

"it’ll be alright" not for you since you just said that and doomed yourself

"I’ll be fine. Don’t worry." We’ll never see you again.




A tweet from CNN reporter Diana Magnay, which was quickly deleted.

CNN accidentally hired someone who does actual reporting

make this huge




Wait a minute…

I have been laughing at this for hours now…

So, true story. The woman in this photo is Kendra Kaplan. Her husband was in Iraq for twelve months but the military has this thing called leave. Some of us may recognize the concept from old episodes of Star Trek. In this photo she is five months pregnant after conceiving her second child during her husband’s leave. That envelope in her hand is the ultrasound results. She waited for him to come home to find out if it was a girl or a boy.

There’s been several articles about it.The photo resulted in this woman receiving so much hate mail, from both internet cut-ups and the actual media, that she even took a paternity test and provided proof of her husband’s leave schedule. Her real life friends have stopped talking to her over these rumors.  

Oh, and by the way, that baby bump is a two year old by now. People are still shitting on this woman over a nasty internet meme two years later.

So in short, you’re mocking a faithful wife for something that isn’t any of our damn business anyway and has long since been disproven. 

Good job Internet.

Last Person That

Slept in your bed besides you? My two best friends when they spent the night over my house. 
You went to the movies with? I could not say. Maybe my mom? Not sure, I watch live shows normally.
You went out to dinner with? My mom! ^_^
You talked on the phone to? My best friend yesterday.
Made you laugh? Specifically I think my friend Isabella from a comment she made on facebook.

Would You Rather

Pierce your nose or your tongue? Le nez 
Be serious or be funny? I’m a serious person with a very dead pan sense of humor (as I’ve recently been told T.T) so I think funny because I would have a more conventional sense of humor and people wouldn’t think I’m being mean all the time. 
Drink whole or skimmed milk? Neither really. I don’t like regular milk, I’ll drink the shit out of almond milk though!
Die in a fire or drowning? Preferably neither. But if I must I think a fire because I have a chance of escape most likely. 
Spend time with your parents or enemies? My mom. Duh. I love her! 

Are You?

Simple or complicated? I can be simple? When it comes to certain things I think I’m rather simple, but I asked a friend and they said I’m difficult to suss out so I guess I’m actually complicated. 
Straight, gay or bisexual? I think it would be more polite if this question asked what my sexual orientation was because that’s a significantly more inclusive question. What is my sexual orientation? I’ve been exploring it recently and I feel like I’m pansexual and that’s just something I need to figure out for myself. Get back to you on that. 
Tall or short? I am 5 foot 2. Short as heck. T.T
Right handed or left handed? Right-handed. 
A lover of music or a lover of books? As if I would choose between the two, that’s cute. 

Do You Prefer

Flowers or sweets? Pay for my WoW subscription for a month and then we can talk. Kidding, I’d rather have fruit actually I don’t like sweet food and flowers have never really been my thing. 
Grey or black? Black like my skin. The night. My soul. 
Colour photos or black and white? Color. 
M&Ms or Skittles? If I had to choose Skittles. 
Staying up late or waking up early? Waking up early. 
Sun or moon? Moon
Winter or Autumn? Autumn, it’s my favorite season and I can wear my cutest clothes during it. 
10 acquaintances or 2 best friends? 2 best friends
Rainy or sunny? Rainy. 
Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? Chocolate
Vodka or Jack? None. 

About You

What time is it? 21:42
Name? Taylor
Nicknames? Mac, Teagin, Dragon, Bubbi 
When is your birthday? November 21
What do you want? Health, water, to watch some shows on broadway
How many kids do you want? none. 
Want to get married? Depends on who it is. 
What kind of music do you like? Pretty much anything that sounds nice to my ears. 


Nervous habits? If I’m nervous I tend to get to really still and then jostle around a lot for about 10 minutes and then I wash and repeat this.  
Are you double-jointed? Yep.
Can you roll your tongue?  Correct.
Can you raise one eyebrow? Affirmative
Can you cross your eyes? Nope. 


Which shoe goes on first? Typically the right. 
Ever thrown something at someone? Only to people I really care about.
On average, how much money do you carry with you? However much I need to carry on me on that particular day. 
What jewelry do you wear? none really sometimes i wear bracelets. 
Do you twirl or cut spaghetti? I eat the damned spaghetti.
Have you ever eaten Spam? Yes and it’s delicious. 
Favourite ice cream? cookie dough or a sherbert or sorbet
How many kinds of cereal are in your cupboard? 2. 


Alcoholic beverage? None
Car ride? To the mountains in my town, me and my mom went on a hike
Song played? F**k boyz get money-Femm or Promise This-Adele or Johnny-Yemi Alade. Don’t remember. 
Person you saw? my mom
Time you cried? Today reading some news about what’s happening Gaza and what’s also happening in Detroit. 
Fight? Umm, don’t remember. I typically delete people from my life if they say some shit that makes me want to yell at them/beat the fuck outta them. 


#DetroitGazasolidarity #DetroitPalestineSolidarity #Palestine

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can’t say i approve of those dreads, but i’m envious of that grim bag

white peopledreads:facepalm

Manx Sheep skull, high five!

seconded all-around

a) I don’t give two fucks what you think of my hairstyle; also you don’t know what you’re talking about;

b) It’s not a Manx sheep it’s a Jacob sheep get your fucking old world Ovidae straight you puerile little shits.

People who make cultural appropriation comments about white people with dreads are uneducated idiots. Saxons, Celts, Picts, Vikings and many other european cultures had dreadlocks centuries before rastafarian was invented. Not to mention several other races/cultures including native americans and egyptians also had dreadlocks. Plus im pretty sure no divine being came down and gave a copyright on dreadlocks or any other hairstyle to any specific group or race… also your hair looks amazing so who cares.

like…. tbh…. white people always claim white people had locs first but did yall invent AN ACTUAL locing method or was it just yalls hair was dirty as fuck because like…. yall only started bathing regularly around 1980 but… haha do ya thing…

cause i swear yall think locs = matted up hair thats backcombed cause yalls hair doesnt actually loc but mmmm

But when White folks get dreds, they’re not trying to imitate their distant, barbarian ancestors. They’re trying to imitate Black folks, especially Black Rasta folks. They only pull those ancient, dirty ass, White folks out their ass to derail and distract. Those Neanderthal genes be fuckin’ wit’ ‘em.




Italian Tourists Luring Poor Kenyan Children Into Prostitution

| Posted by Tracy 

Kenya’s coastal town of Malindi may look like a tropical paradise, but it is host to a hidden child sex trade. Children as young as 12 years old say they are being lured into prostitution and pornography by tourists willing to pay handsomely for sex in secret locations.

Charlotte Attwood of BBC Africa went to Malindi to investigate and reported the following.

Just beneath a wall on one of the busy tourist beaches in Malindi, children loiter in the hope of attracting a customer. I met two girls and a boy – all under the age of 18 –  and all who admit to selling their bodies to foreigners for sex.

In a good month, they can get a client every day, one of the girls said.

Most of the tourists in Malindi come from Italy, and their clients are mostly Italian men between the age of 50 and 80, she said.

With a dull look in her eye, 16-year-old Maria explained how she goes about her daily business.

“I ask my friends who work as beach boys to find me a male tourist. When I get a client, we strike a deal, say for $60 (£35, US$58),” she says.

While I was sitting with the children, I saw an elderly man approach the two girls with money in his hands. Once he spotted me, he signaled to the girls that he would be back later.

The authorities in Malindi have been trying to tackle the problem, and hotels now bar young local girls from visiting tourist rooms.

But Naomi Kazungu, the local government child protection officer, said that this has created another problem, as the trade has been driven underground.

The children are no longer going to hotels, but to private villas, Kazungu said.

Peter is one of the beach boys in Malindi who admits to facilitating this business.

He took me 300 metres (1,000ft) up the beach, around a rocky escarpment to a cave. It is a favorite spot for sex tourists, he told me, especially those who go for children.

A cave where young Kenyan boys and girls are sexually exploited.

The trade is illegal in Kenya and this is a perfect hideout.

As the tide comes in, the caves become cut off from the rest of the beach. There is a lot of dead seaweed on the floor that is used as a mattress, Peter says.

The tourists prefer girls aged 15 to 17, he adds.

Some of these men, Peter says, like to involve dogs and pay the girls up to $500 to film this.

Read the full story at

I saw the first picture, then below I didn’t expect that…

Havent people done enough to the African continent as is. :\


That’s something I literally can’t get over. How plantations aren’t viewed as sites of genocide and as representative of some of the most extreme evil humanity has ever done. 

You can visit a plantation and they won’t even talk about slavery. It’s common to get married on plantations.

Being a Californian this was all very off-putting to me when I visited Georgia. I love Black people and Black culture in the South but it’s still the South. 



Marissa Alexander has been denied a new Stand Your Ground hearing. Yet again, Florida refuses to free this survivor of domestic violence, fails to support women’s right to self defense, and continues to support anti-black racism in the judicial system. Her new trial is still scheduled to begin Dec 8th.

Marissa needs your voices and support more than ever!
Standing Our Ground Week of Action is still on!
July 25-Aug 1: LET’S TAKE ACTION!

This is so fucked up.





Coconut Oil


Castor Oil


Shea Butter


Black Soap


and the list goes on.

Which new black deleted the title?

*fixes post*





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today one of my classmates went on a tirade about how homosexuality was disruptive to society and that it was almost as sinful as people who renounced god when i turned to her and said, “as a gay atheist i think YOU are disruptive.” 

she burst into tears apologizing and left the room. 

i’m neither gay nor an atheist but someone needed to stand up for all the people she was knocking down.



boys are fucking stupid